Process Analysis for Health-Care Companies

You Can Only Eliminate Inefficiencies
If You Are Aware of Them

Reliable processes increase efficiency, reduce the effort needed to communicate, and eliminate disruptions. This can significantly reduce the strain on employees and existing conflict potential.

Together with our partner AssekuRisk, we address all of the safety-relevant processes at hospitals and enhance them with more safety and redundancy within the spirit of “structured teamwork.” In this context, we place particular emphasis on correctly identifying patients, improving communication within the treatment team, handling dangerous medications, ensuring that the right procedure is performed on the right patient in the right place, and addressing the issue of hygiene in a team-based manner.

As soon as weak points are found, we determine the causes, develop suitable improvement strategies, and implement these together with you.

AssekuRisk: Our Partner in Analyzing Your Processes

AssekuRisk enhances safety at companies and hospitals. In the process, the experts are always guided by the latest scientific findings.

Many years of experience and thorough knowledge of safety-relevant processes at industrial, corporate, and clinical facilities form the basis for a goal-oriented process analysis. The best strategies and tools used in the aviation industry, where safety is the top priority, are adapted and used to optimize your processes.

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