Recruitment in the Health-Care Sector

How to Find the Best Staff
for Your Clinic

The lack of physicians in Germany is not without consequences for the health-care system – in the competition for skilled employees, medical institutions require a long-term strategy for successful recruitment now more than ever. In this process, you can rely on our partner Ethimedis, a recruitment agency that brings doctors and clinics together.

To do so, it offers the “Ethimedis Network” – a digital platform that gives both sides the ability to present themselves effectively. Dedicated physician and clinic profiles makes it possible for both to conduct searches based on specific criteria and contact each other directly on the platform. Through its “Ethimedis Assessment” solution, the recruitment agency also offers a standardized assessment center that has been specially developed for the selection of doctors. It enables medical institutions to objectively select personnel on a sound basis and also provides valuable applicant information for future shift planning, staff management, and motivation. The concept features a modular structure. Clinics and other health-care organizations can choose between multilevel online applications and central assessment centers led by a team of experts.

Ethimedis: Our Partner for Recruitment in the Health-Care Sector

Ethimedis is a German recruitment agency that places physicians in permanent employment at clinics and medical facilities. The Ethimedis team includes experienced physicians and economists.

Ethimedis conducts a detailed analysis of the individual requirements and profiles of physicians and medical institutions in order to match the right partners together to create a successful business relationship. In the process, both parties benefit from the Ethimedis team’s excellent connections and its in-depth knowledge of the heterogeneous health-care landscape in Germany.

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