Speeches on the Subject of Interpersonal Competencies, Safety, and Culture

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Are you planning an event in which the subjects of interpersonal competencies and safety in health care play a role, and are you looking for exciting lectures? We are also available as lecturers and keynote speakers.

The talks will provide insights into human factors, interpersonal competencies, service orientation, and the parallels between flight and patient safety. The audience will learn, among other things, what role the human factor plays in medicine and how, for example, communication skills and self-perception can impact teamwork and contribute to the creation of a new safety culture at clinics and care facilities.

Focal Point: Profitability
But that’s not all – interpersonal competencies are also an economic factor for companies that are active in the field of patient care. After all, the better the communication, the more satisfied the patients and employees. And both help cut costs. You can also book a talk on this topic with us. Interested? Then contact us for more information.

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