Custom Training Video Production

The Best Videos Are Your Own

In addition to IC training, your employees can also be trained using training videos. Since work processes are different at each organization and from team to team, customized training videos are an ideal solution. We produce such videos according to your exact requirements. In an initial meeting, we’ll analyze your needs and guidelines and use this as the basis for drafting the script. In this process, we are happy to incorporate your own ideas for the video’s design and structure.

Our production team offers you a professional and complete service – from consulting and script writing to production, video editing, and sound recording. In this context, we don’t limit ourselves to just instructional videos, but instead also produce complex corporate videos, short clips for presentations, or videos that can be integrated into web-based training courses and other e-learning modules. 

Our Services for Your Custom Educational Videos:

  • Consulting on audiovisual teaching aids
  • Script writing
  • Planning and organizing the video shoot
  • Video production
  • Audio production
  • Dubbing into almost any language

    We would be happy to draw up a personalized offer just for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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