The first Interpersonal Competence Conference in Frankfurt.
Whenever humans work and collaborate, errors happen especially in stressful situations. It becomes critical when these errors have an impact on the life and safety of other people. In the healthcare sector, just like in aviation, avoiding errors as well as the safety of patients, or passengers, takes top priority. Pilots may never experience a critical situation and they most likely will never make a life or death decision in the cockpit, yet they have to be prepared for it at any time. Doctors and nurses on the other hand deal with diverse, complex and critical situations on a daily basis no emergency is the same, no surgery is routine.

More than procedures and technical know how.
Regardless of the industry, we know how important human factors are. Only if the communication within a team functions well, most of the avoidable mistakes can be prevented. Similarly, we also know it’s not easy to self reflect, to question ourselves or others, to give constructive feedback, to show empathy or to inspire others. Interpersonal competences and leadership qualities are the key to success for developing a functioning safety culture, a successful team and, in the end, an improvement in patient safety and more work can and should be done.



Our aim: improving patient safety on a global scale.
At the first Interpersonal Competence Conference we set focus on patient safety, address critical issues and discuss ways to establish a successful safety culture. The goal is to learn from each other, establish an exchange between various perspectives and to discuss interpersonal competences as a vital role in patient safety. We hope you will join us as we push to improve the individual, the team and the organization to shape the future of patient safety. Make safety part of your DNA.

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