Certified Trainers from the Worlds of Aviation and Medicine

Training at the Highest Level

Our trainers’ decades of expertise and practical professional experience allow us to offer training at the highest level. All our trainers have many years of experience in vocational and advanced training of airline flight crews, medical professionals, and employees of companies involved in other high-risk activities.

Our Trainers:
Medical Professionals, Licensed Psychologists, and Pilots

Professor Bertil Bouillon
Hospital Köln-Merheim

Dr. med. Matthias Münzberg
BG Emergency Clinic Ludwigshafen

PD Dr. med. Miriam Rüsseler
University Hospital Frankfurt

Dr. med. Manuel Mutschler
Hospital Köln-Merheim

Professor Richard Stange
University Hospital Münster

PD Dr. med. Christoph Wölfl
Hetzelstift Hospital

PD Dr. med. Susanne Fröhlich
University Hospital Rostock

Dr. med. Anna-Katharina Doepfer
Altona Children’s Hospital

PD Dr. med. Christian Probst
Hospital Köln-Merheim

Dr. med. Ricarda Seemann
Charité University Medicine Berlin

Martin Egerth
Lufthansa Aviation Training

CPT Angela de Beaufort
Captain Boeing 777

F/O Patrick Fritsch
Lufthansa Aviation Training

CPT Jochen Neu
Lufthansa Aviation Training

CPT Cordula Pflaum
Lufthansa Captain A330/340/350

F/O Alexander Wild
F/O and A320 trainer

CPT Daniel Sonntag
Captain Boeing 777

CPT Gerald Schäfer
Captain Boeing 747

Julia Koch
Hospital Amberg

Leila Belaasri

Tobias Kessler
Captain Boeing 777

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