Our Interpersonal Competence Training

Competence Development in
Customized Modules

We offer various IC  modules, all of which have been developed in cooperation and with medical experts. The objective of these trainings is to provide health-care professionals with the right tools to effectively improve patient safety and teamwork over the long term.

With interactive lectures, instructional videos, role plays, and case studies, the training teaches skills such as confident communication and decision-making in teams as well as the ability to recognize and assess one’s own competencies and behavior.

Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional, and Perfectly Tailored to the Job
In this program, all of the participants benefit directly from the latest scientific findings in medical education and decades of experience in aviation operations. The content of the individual training is precisely tailored to health-care professionals’ different levels of training and responsibility along the career path.

IC 1Basic Training

Introductory Training for Physicians and Nursing Staff

The starting point for assistant physicians and medical specialists, nursing staff, and everyone involved in patient care. The content of IC 1 is both interdisciplinary and interprofessional.

IC 2Advanced Training

Further Training for Physicians and Nursing Staff

Our IC 2 Advanced Training course builds on the IC 1 Basic Training course and expands on its content. The training follows an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach.

This training is not yet available.

IC 3Leadership Training

Introductory Training for Managers

The Leadership Training offers new insights into decision-making, behavior, building trust, and managing employees. The content of IC 3 is both interdisciplinary and interprofessional.

IC 4Command Training

Further Training for the Top Management

Our IC training for the top management builds on and deepens the content in the IC 3 Leadership Training. The focus is on creating a culture on trust. The role of the people, safety, patient and identification are being discussed and competencies developed

This training is not yet available.

IC Emergency First AidErstversorgung

For Members of All Professions

Our IC training for the first responders in an emergency situation (paramedics, emergency doctors, police, fire brigades, control room personal). The content of IC Emergency is both interdisciplinary and interprofessional.

It is already becoming apparent that we can not only increase patient safety, but also and above all boost employee satisfaction.

Professor Bertil Bouillon
Hospital Köln-Merheim

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