Cut Costs with Interpersonal Competence Training

IC Stands for Patient Safety,
Patient Satisfaction,
and Skilled and Motivated

Quality of care and patient satisfaction are critical factors that play a key role in the financial success of hospitals and care facilities.
In addition to providing excellent treatment, professional training, and introducing standardized processes, interpersonal competence training is another cornerstone of patient safety. After all, the better a team communicates and interacts with each other, the less likely they are to make mistakes – with the associated claims, consequential costs, and damage to your image.

Empathy Helps Healing
In addition to medical safety, IC training also increases overall patient satisfaction. In our trainings, we specifically train your employees to communicate with patients in the right way. This not only gives the patients a sense of security, but has also been proven to speed up their healing and recovery.

Effective collaboration between all of the disciplines increases the quality of care – right from the beginning.

Helping together: improved communication and the ability to work as a team is the foundation for providing ideal treatment.

Satisfied Employees Are Productive Employees
In addition, you’ll benefit from our training in a completely different, crucial area – a culture of safety and communication that is actively practiced on a day-to-day basis increases the satisfaction of all employees and has a positive effect on your company’s attractiveness as an employer. This, in turn, allows you to cut costs and increase efficiency in recruitment and human resources.

We’d be delighted to explain how IC training will have a positive effect on your entire organization and how an investment of this kind will pay for itself within a short time.

Our interpersonal competence training is designed to help you significantly improve your skills and standards in all relevant areas.

Across all departments:

  • Increased patient safety and satisfaction
  • Improved motivation of all employees
  • Enhancement of your employer brand


  • By medical professionals for medical professionals – with experience from the aviation industry
  • Highly relevant to day-to-day activities in the health-care sector
  • Continuous development and research


  • Training either as open or in-house trainings
  • Customized training modules
  • Personalized consulting and process analysis

Take the First Step –
for Greater Safety in Patient Care