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There are hospitals in Germany – and there are BG Hospitals. BG Hospitals play an extremely important role in the German health-care system – providing care for people who have suffered an accident at work or are suffering from an occupational disease, using every available resource. And does so, however, without the sectoral boundaries otherwise found in the health-care system. From acute medical treatment to comprehensive rehabilitation and postoperative care, BG Hospitals provide all of these services from a single source.

With 12,500 employees, over 550,000 patients per year, and annual revenues of 1.21 billion euros, BG Hospitals is one of the largest hospital groups in Germany. The parent company is “BG Kliniken – Klinikverbund der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung gGmbH” headquartered in Berlin.

BG Hospital Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin
The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (ukb) is a highly specialized clinical center for the treatment of seriously ill patients and for the rescue and rehabilitation of seriously injured people from all over eastern Germany. Patients covered by every health insurance company receive qualified care and comprehensive support until they return to their everyday lives.

BG University Hospital Bergmannsheil Bochum
BG trauma center and university hospital – this combination, unique in Germany, makes Bergmannsheil one of the leading providers of optimal medical care. Whether acute care, planned treatment, rehabilitation, or outpatient therapy – here in the heart of Bochum, patients find concentrated medical expertise under one roof.

BG Hospital Duisburg
Since 1957, the BG Hospital Duisburg has specialized in the treatment of all kinds of injuries resulting from accidents. The hospital began treating occupational accidents, but today traffic, recreational, and athletic injuries are also in the best hands here, as are orthopedic, hand surgery, and pain-related cases. This also applies to the treatment of accident-related long-term and secondary damage.

BG Hospital Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main
As a national trauma center for accident surgery with 360 beds, the BG Accident Hospital Frankfurt am Main, with its eleven specialist departments and numerous special outpatient clinics, treats over 10,000 inpatients and approximately 72,000 outpatients per year. With about 5,000 deployments annually, the BG Hospital Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest locations for emergency doctors in the German state of Hesse.

BG Hospital Bergmannstrost Halle
The “Bergmannstrost” is also one of the most state-of-the-art trauma centers in Germany. The hospital receives patients from the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, and Thuringia. As a facility specializing in accident, fire, and spinal injuries, Bergmannstrost is equipped with a center for paraplegics, a neurocenter, and a center for septic surgery, and treats patients on an interdisciplinary basis to the highest medical standards.

BG Hospital Hamburg
With its nine specialist departments, the BG Hospital Hamburg, as a supra-regional trauma center, provides qualified care for patients with serious acute injuries, in the earliest possible rehabilitation, and in outpatient treatment. Special departments include the center for severe burn injuries, the neurotraumatology center, the department of septic trauma surgery, the center for rehabilitative medicine, and Germany’s largest center for paraplegics.

BG Hospital Ludwigshafen
As a trauma center of maximum care, the BG Hospital Ludwigshafen plays a major role in providing medical care to residents of the industrial Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area and far beyond. From preventive medicine to outpatient and inpatient treatment through to rehabilitation, the hospital offers its patients interdisciplinary medical care from a single source.

BG Hospital Unfallklinik Murnau
The BG Accident Hospital Murnau is one of the largest supra-regional trauma centers of maximum care in southern Germany. From initial care at the scene of the accident to successful social and professional reintegration, the hospital continuously cares for and supports its patients. In accordance with the statutory accident insurance principle “using all appropriate means,” patients here are offered comprehensive medical care of the very highest standards.

BG Hospital Tübingen
The BG Hospital Tübingen is both a maximum-care hospital and one of the largest trauma centers in Germany. The main responsibilities of the trauma clinic include the supra-regional treatment of trauma injuries and the implementation of treatment procedures set forth by the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association.



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