Advanced Modules: Communication

Using Communication
Tools Systematically

These modules are designed to expand your employees’ perceptiveness and communication skills to further improve their ability to interact with customers.

Module 9

  • Seminar opening (15–30 min./required course element)
  • Personal experiences when interacting with customers
    (60 min./required course element)

Module 10

  • Body language – nonverbal communication
    (60 min./recommended)

Module 11

  • Modern professional etiquette (one hour to one day/recommended)

Module 12

  • Perception and interpretation (30–60 min./recommended)
  • Causes of mistakes and dealing with mistakes within the organization (30–60 min./recommended)

Module 13

  • Communication square (four-sides model by Schulz von Thun) (30–60 min./recommended)

Module 14

  • Getting to know your own behavioral tendencies when interacting with customers (on the basis of a transactional analysis) (30–60 min./recommended)
  • Getting to know and understand customer behavior patterns better (30–60 min./recommended)

Module 15

  • Further communication tools (60–90 min./recommended)

Module 16

  • Feedback training (30–60 min./required course element)

Module 17

Resource-oriented reflection of your own challenging situations

  • Using various discussion and coaching methods, challenging everyday situations faced by the participants are analyzed and addressed in a solution-driven manner. (60–120 min./required course element)

Service Orientation

Advanced Modules: Communication

  • Duration depends on the number of modules selected
    (one to two days)
  • Number of participants: fixed groups of about 16 participants (can be booked individually)
  • Lufthansa Aviation Training Center
  • Certificate and CME confirmation of participation

We only offer this course for private groups.
We would be happy to advise you and provide you with information about the package of modules that best meets your needs.

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