Thinking and Acting in the Customer’s Best Interest

When Professional and Social
Competence Go Hand in Hand

Interacting with customers in the right way determines whether you establish, expand, and maintain a successful relationship. And this has a direct impact on your company’s business success. In this context, the primary goal is to identify the customer’s needs and to structure or adapt your own service to meet these needs. Doing so will ensure that your customers are satisfied and help you maintain a long-term relationship with them.

A Modular Design for Maximum Personalization
Through our course modules, we increase your employees’ awareness of the need to think and act in a service-oriented manner – with practical examples from your everyday business activities. All of the modules are interdisciplinary and interprofessional and can be combined with each other as required.

Simulating Real-World Situations with interpersonal Skills LAB
We also continually enhance the didactic methods used in our training courses. In Zurich, for example, we use NINECUBES interpersonal Skills LAB for hands-on training. The LAB utilizes computer-simulated, real-time simulations that recreate the dynamics of today’s working environment. Participants learn how to consciously influence their own behavior under increasing time pressure and greater responsibility, as well as how to work effectively as a team and communicate efficiently. The training course is highly efficient, not least because the skills acquired can immediately be put to use in everyday life. The Leadership LAB additionally trains leadership qualities.

Introductory Modules

Basic Level Course for All Employees

The introductory modules convey basic skills such as addressing needs and expectations and general communication skills.

Advanced Modules: Communication

Advanced Course for All Employees

These modules are designed to expand your employees’ perceptiveness and communication skills to further improve their ability to interact with customers.

Advanced Modules: Team Behavior

Advanced Course for All Employees

These modules train team competence in challenging situations, foster decision-making skills, and optimize interaction in stressful situations.

IC combines the proven training concepts and methods used in the world of aviation with content from the field of clinical medicine.

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